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Hardware Error Is The Interface Properly Connected

It was necessary to download and install the drive it, which I did not know they already deduced that occurred when installing with the CD. In order to identify if the standby Supervisor Engine is faulty, issue the redundancy reload peer command from the active Supervisor Engine. This has become a complete headache! Do not use a device descriptor in a board-level function or a board descriptor in a device-level function. weblink

As you know, the OSX 10.9.2 driver for the EIE Pro is in a beta phase. which one is the project > make file (I only have visual C 6) You have to unzip the msvc6.zip file in the project directory. Which OS version? You must console in to the standby Supervisor Engine in order to recover it.

indifferent, undecided, unconcerned happy, confident, thankful, excited sad, anxious, confused, frustrated kidding, amused, unsure, silly Cancel 0 Edit Delete Remove Official Fork Hadim Jobe April 16, 2014 16:24 Comment good answer! This issue is a result of the design that allows for easier replacement of the module. Step 2: Go to Ebay buy a PT10 license w/ an included PT11 upgrade license and iLok for $350 US. This error usually occurs after an occurrence of error type 513.

Plug in usb cable to mbox. Thanks again. Error: NVRAM: nv->magic != NVMAGIC, invalid nvram This error message indicates that the NVRAM has issues. The switch can experience degradation in services when you configure local SPAN in a switch, especially if it monitors a large amount of source ports.

For example, if your instrument expects a linefeed as the EOS character, then "ID?" will not work, but "ID?\n" (where \n represents a linefeed in IBIC) will. Miré por internet el error 14, pero está casi todo en alemán,... I've tried everything! I'm going to upgrade to PT 11 and purchase a separate interface to run the program.

If you still need assistance, contact Cisco Technical Support. For example, I may install a PCI-GPIB board in my computer and give a primary address of 2. Edit Delete Remove Cancel Natacha Machado January 23, 2014 21:26 that's ok. El COM1 lo tengo exactamente como sale en las imágenes del primer post, Serial -> Si Prog API y todas las casillas desmarcadas.

iConnectivity's iConfig for Mac and PC notifies you when a new firmware version is available, as long as the computer is connected to the internet. http://www.iconnectivity.com/blog/updating-your-interfaces-firmware Im using it with a Macbook pro. Refer to these documents in order to troubleshoot a system that runs Catalyst OS (CatOS) on the Supervisor Engine and Cisco IOS Software on the MSFC: Troubleshooting Catalyst 6500/6000 Series Switches You can also issue the errdisable recovery cause cause enable command in order to set up timeout mechanisms that automatically reenable the port after a configured timer period.

If your Supervisor Engine 2 bootflash device has only 16 MB, an upgrade to 32 MB can be necessary in order to support the newer system images. have a peek at these guys How does this make you feel? Is the first time I trying to do my home studio. These are the workarounds if the CONFIG_FILE is set: Upgrade the MSFC3 code to Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(17a)SX or later.

Troubleshoot CatOS to Cisco IOS Software or Cisco IOS Software to CatOS Conversion Problem when User Attempts to Access the NVRAM After Cisco IOS to CatOS Conversion Unable to Boot with Make sure to issue the command before the modules are removed from the slot. Add Image I'm e.g. check over here In both cases, it is recommended to have a backup of the NVRAM contents.

You also get error messages that are similar to these: Router#write memory startup-config file open failed (Not enough space) Router#dir nvram: Directory of nvram:/ %Error calling getdents for nvram:/ (Unknown error Im using windows SP2. When this command is passed, while the switch runs an SRB code, the not applicable status is seen.

Error: Counter exceeds threshold, system operation continue The Catalyst 6500 vss cluster encounters this error message: %CONST_DIAG-4-ERROR_COUNTER_WARNING: Module [dec] Error counter exceeds threshold, system operation continue.

If problem exists > it's in the serial controller - only true PC-Card > to RS-232 (16C550 based) which I know about are &g Forum: PonyProg 8 years ago lancos 42.Re: Are you connecting speakers or headphones directly to the MPC Renaissance? Components Used This document is not restricted to specific software and hardware versions. SYSTEM INIT: INSUFFICIENT MEMORY TO BOOT THE IMAGE!

If the settings in this output are non-zero, it indicates that there were drops due to the buffer overrun. 015B: PI_PBT_S_QOS3_OUTLOST_REG = 0011 015F: PI_PBT_S_HOLD_REG = D26C NativeIOS Cat6500# show counters The asicreg outputs are cleared every time they are run. Refer to Cisco bug IDs CSCed25278 (registered customers only) (CatOS) and CSCin70308 (registered customers only) (NativeIOS) for more information. http://fileupster.com/hardware-error/hardware-error-0502.html Check the user manual to see if your instrument needs to be in a GPIB or 488.2 mode in order to be a GPIB Listener.

I've started it up twice now. Unable to Boot with Cisco IOS Software when User Converts from CatOS to Cisco IOS If you try to boot Cisco IOS Software from disk0 or slot0 during the conversion process, vamos que no saqué nada en conclusión. This issue is documented in bug CSCeg21028 (registered customers only) .

Enter status trunk command and verify the status of the trunk. I hope this helps anybody who had the same issues as me. With a shared buffer, this causes connectivity problems for the other ports on this range. Make sure that the GPIB board is addressed correctly before calling ibrd, ibwrt, RcvRespMsg, or SendDataBytes.

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