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Groupwise Error 8201 Sending Email

Explanation: File seek error. Action: Check the ownership of the GroupWise databases. Possible Cause: If this error occurs when you are trying to create a new GroupWise system, you might have mapped the drive where you are creating the GroupWise system to an I did a rebuild on the DO and PO databases and the errors are still occurring. http://fileupster.com/groupwise-error/groupwise-error-sending-new-connection-message-to-handler.html

Possible Cause: Attempt by the file system to rename a file failed. To restore the ngwguard.dc file if it is missing, copy it from the po directory in the software distribution directory to the post office directory. Action:Connect to the domain where you want the post office located. Possible Cause: A required file or subdirectory could be missing from the directory structure of the user’s post office. http://www.novell.com/documentation/gw65/gw65_tsh1/data/hxnjs40x.html

Possible Cause: If this error occurs when updating the GroupWise client software, users might be running the client software. Action: Make sure no users associated with the database to be rebuilt are currently running the GroupWise client. Open the GroupWise client, verify that the File Location is pointing back to the original location. Possible Cause:If this error occurs when creating a post office, you might not be connected to the domain in which you are trying to create the post office.

To be able to stabilize the state of the computer, you have to change or re-install its os. Action: Start the POA including the --rights switch to determine the specific problem the POA is encountering. To check the date of the GroupWise client you are using, click Help > About GroupWise. SeanAIX430 (TechnicalUser) (OP) 23 Sep 04 11:06 I had read about that and wandered across that setting last night and it is client/server only.

Do not delete the user’s GroupWise account, because this would delete the user’s mailbox as well. Action: Enter a valid file name. The POA requires exclusive access to databases when rebuilding them. http://www.novell.com/documentation/groupwise2012/gw2012_guide_tsh1/data/b4k0tb1.html Go to the previous site to read in my language Stay here and read in English × Give Us Feedback Got some feedback about the website?

Possible Cause: If this error occurs when users exit the GroupWise client, the users might have the archive directory set to a location where they do not have sufficient rights. SeanAIX430 (TechnicalUser) (OP) 27 Sep 04 11:23 I made a new user account to play around with restoring an email db and the brand new mailbox with no mail had an The POA can give 8201 sometimes when it can't work properly with a particular db becuase it's broken. (for ex, tid# 2951342)The top down rebuild is a good idea - just Possible Cause:If this error occurs when a user is running in Caching mode or Remote mode, the user's local databases might be damaged.

There is a need for you to know how to modify the advanced tab settings to do this. http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=921987 Select a storage area, then click Edit. Possible Cause: Another program might already have the required file open with exclusive access. Action: Check the size of the ngwguard.rfl file (roll forward log).

Make sure users have sufficient rights to create and modify files there. http://fileupster.com/groupwise-error/groupwise-fehler-8201.html Action: Use backup software that interacts properly with GroupWise file locking, as described in Backing Up GroupWise Databases in Databases in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Environment Microsoft Windows 2008 Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) Situation Unable to send email from GroupWise to the internet.GWIA logs show 8201 error: "The agent could

GroupWise might not be able to archive messages if the original sender’s message database is damaged. Action: Check to see if another file with the same name exists (the file name must be unique). See Stand-Alone Database Maintenance Programs in Databases in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide. 8208 Cannot modify file Source: GroupWise engine; file input/output. navigate here Possible Cause: Cannot move or rename the file.

If you'd like to learn technical skills but don't want to spend some bucks, then performing the Groupwise 2012 Error 8201 trouble-shooting procedure by yourself will surely be advantageous. Please try the request again. You can search the Novell Support Knowledgebase to locate additional solutions documented by Novell Support as specific customer issues have been resolved. 8200 File I/O error Source: GroupWise engine; file input/output.

Home drives are on an OES2 SP2 - Linux server The server is virtualized on VMWare's VSphere (was ESXi to begin with) The symptoms are usually experienced by a new archive

Make sure that the post office path is correctly defined in the Post Office object. Provide Feedback < Back to Support Search SUSE Support Forums Get your questions answered by experienced Sys Ops or interact with other SUSE community experts. SeanAIX430 (TechnicalUser) (OP) 26 Sep 04 19:52 End of GWCheck run on my own GW db:*********************************************************************Uncorrectable conditions encountered:- No problems foundCorrectable conditions encountered:CODE DESCRIPTIONCOUNT---- -------------------------------------------------------37 Item records with missing message database Action: When the network connection to the post office is reestablished, the GroupWise client will function normally again.

Look up "archive, directory" in GroupWise client Help. SeanAIX430 (TechnicalUser) (OP) 26 Sep 04 17:29 Well you were right about the service pack, I figured that one out on thursday night got all happy cause it seemed to fix Action: Use Browse to find the correct path. http://fileupster.com/groupwise-error/groupwise-error-8201-fix.html Possible Cause:If this error occurs when users exit the GroupWise client, the users might have their archive directory set to a location where they do not have sufficient rights.

One disadvantage of that move is it will turn the computer to its default state and you might lose some vital documents. It is possible to save more cash if you know how to troubleshoot such computer errors yourself. The program tried to access or open a file that did not have or allow sharing. The 802E does not show up in my GW Toolkit/Logicsource stuff or on the support site.

Action: Verify the existence, ownership, and rights of the directories involved with message flow (domain, post office, and MTA local directory). The structure of a remote document storage area is the same as the gwdms directory in the post office. When you think of it thoroughly, these will issues will actually help you know if the computer is having some problems and needs some care. Explanation: At path root.

Check the open/lock activity on the GroupWise program files.