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31002 Page Soft Timeout


Overloaded web servers often have a long First Byte time. Test Run A test run is one instance of a GPN agent executing a test on the selected Web page/URL. All performance monitoring is recorded in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) but can be converted to your time zone of choice for a convenient, local perspective. Please try the request again.

This error often indicates that the root object was unable to be retrieved due to a networking or DNS problem that does not allow the script playback to communicate with the Conflict (Error Code: 409) The request was not complete due to a conflict with the current state of resources. The placeholders shown need to be replaced with actual values. The agent connected to the server that the object allegedly resides on but was unable to download it.

31002 Page Soft Timeout

This mathematical distance can be compared as an absolute number of seconds or a relative percentage. Advanced Mode The Advanced mode setting allows users to determine which Substitutions are required. An example of a node would be a Boston agent connected to the Internet through MCI. Precondition Failed (Error Code: 412) The precondition given in one or more of the request-header fields evaluated to false when it was tested on the server.

Page Success Rate This percentage represents the total percentage of unique URL's within the selected transaction(s) that loaded successfully during the selected timeframe. GET /DataExportService40/GpnDataExportService.asmx/GetErrorCodes? User Actions User Actions are the interactions with HTML elements on the Web page that are initiated by the user during the recording process. This error can occur with a DNS lookup failure (this will eventually be a separate error, but for now it is included in this error type). 12013DNS Lookup FailureThe attempt to

Alert Setting (Single URL) This setting to enable or disable all Single URL alerts for your account. By default, the Agent waits 30 seconds; however this value can be modified for a script in the Recorder. 31007: Wait for event timeoutThe transaction failed because a specific client-side event did This is used for UDP and mainly maps the WSAEISCONN error code at Windows.WS_THROTTLE_QUEUE_TOO_LARGE There are too many pending WebSocketJob instances, so the new job was not pushed to the queue.15001: http://www.gomeznetworks.com/help/Gomezu/main/whgdata/whlstg0.htm Token A Token is the variable name that will be searched for and replaced on subsequent script steps in a Substitution.

Moved Permanently (Error Code: 301) The requested resource has been assigned to a new permanent URL. Transaction Failure Message – "User Script" Click here to learn more about this error. Try running the script using the "Run without Post Data" options from the transaction menu. (Some scripts will replay fine without any post data) 2. Cache contents are discarded at intervals controlled by the Authoritative Name Server.

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Bad Gateway (Error Code: 502) The server received an invalid response from the upstream server that it accessed in attempting to fulfill the request. Network Internet connectivity provider such as AT&T, PSINet, or MCI. 31002 Page Soft Timeout The agent could not find the server because the DNS lookup failed. Once the page download is complete and the Navigation message has not gone away, press the bar underneath the message to force dismissal.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Examples include adding a test, renaming a group, or deleting a user. Eliminate Outlying Data Removes measurements from a dataset corresponding to a given test/node. This feature acts as a convenient \"master switch\" for alert notification.

Unauthorized (Error Code: 401) User authentication is required. The new URL is not a substitute reference for the originally requested resource. Proxy Authentication Required (Error Code: 407) The client must authenticate itself with the proxy (similar to Unauthorized). Resolution: 1.

Shorten the number of pages accessed within the transaction or retry the test if the performance of the system under test improves. Browser did not receive notification that the page download is complete. Content Download This is the time required to receive the content of a page or page component starting with the receipt of the first content and ending with the last packet

By setting the Selector to -1, the value entered as the Regular Expression is used directly instead of being matched against downloaded content.

DNS Lookup Failure (Error Code: 12013) The attempt to resolve the host name into an IP address failed. Gómez Performance Benchmarks Gómez Performance Benchmarks (Gobs) illustrate cumulative Web page and transaction sequence performance for a variety of vertical market Web sites. Substitutions Substitutions are used to create values that can be used in lieu of recorded values, such as Session Variables, during the Playback process. Upon replay a page, or object within a page, does not respond within 120 seconds of the request.

Retry script playback when the performance of the system under test improves. All HTTP responses are expected to have a line in the header or body, in the following format: HTTP/(version return code) This will happen randomly on an object. This error may be caused by a server reboot or by a server process being restarted. 10060 Socket Connection Timeout The Agents attempt to open a new TCP connection to the Script fails on playback per the application to be monitored but reports successful playback Click here to learn more about this problem.

Enable Alerts (Globally) This setting allows you to enable or disable all alerts for your account without disturbing the individual settings for all underlying tests. This is usually due to the appearance of an error page or a site change. 31000: Time Out ExceededThe transaction failed because the end-to-end response time of the transaction exceeded the current Generated Mon, 17 Oct 2016 07:44:06 GMT by s_ac15 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection The maximum values is 120 seconds.90103: SMS Send Error - Invalid SMS numberThe SMS number has been detected as incorrect.90104: SMS Send Error - Baseline mode is usedThe SMS test was

Object Failure The GPN agent wasn't able to download the specified object/s due of one of the following reasons. Examples of this include URLs containing spaces or other illegal characters.12005: Connection Terminated Before CompletionThe TCP connection terminated before the transaction was completed.12006: Invalid File Type SpecifiedThe file type specified is For HTML only tests, this is the time in seconds from the moment a user clicks on the link to the time when the root object is downloaded. GPN is capable of measuring all objects that are referenced by the following HTML tags\"img src=\",\"embed src=\", \"body background=\", \"input src=\".

SOAP 1.1 The following is a sample SOAP 1.1 request and response. Tests can check for either the presence or absence of text on a page. The figure represents subtracting all test failures from the total test runs and then translating the resulting number into a percentage. Object A single downloaded file such as HTML, a GIF image, a Java application, or a Shockwave file.

Test Name Each test has a unique name. There is one exception to standard Selector use. All HTTP responses are expected to have a line in the header or body, in the HTTP/(version return code) format.This will happen randomly on an object. This can occur due to high levels of packet loss on the network path between the Agent and the remote server or because the number of incoming connection requests exceeds the

This usually occurs when the Agent does not receive an appropriate response to an attempt to close an open TCP connection.10054: (Socket) Connection ResetA TCP connection that was successfully opened has Gone (Error Code: 410) The requested resource is no longer available at the server and no forwarding addresses known (similar to 404, but 410 is permanent). Resolution: The visual display differences do not affect any results. If you identify that there are static session variables being submitted to the application in the URL, header information or post content, use the substitution tab to parse out and dynamically

If the Gómez Script Recorder is navigating to the wrong page or losing a session please review their respective troubleshooting sections, before troubleshooting the content match error. Connection Refused (Error Code: 10061*) The remote server has refused the attempt by the Agent to open a TCP connection. *Transactions Only Connection Time The time (in seconds) that it takes By default, this timeout for Browser agents is 40 seconds.12004: Invalid URLThe URL that is about to be requested is not constructed in a valid format. Launch a Browser and check to make sure that the object in question is available 2.